“Ode to my Bitch Face”

The fact that we even have terms for these things and for specifically women no less is very unnecessary and also disrespectful. Do we ever tell a guy that he has a resting bitch face? Or that he doesn’t smile enough or that he should smile. Do we ever shame him if he isn’t macho enough or if he isn’t always tough looking? No. This needs to end and stop.

These terms disempower women and validates the notion that only our looks and appearances are relevant in this society and culture we live in. Do we ever call a man who is on the prowl that he exhibits signs of a resting predator face? We don’t because men aren’t pushed around so easily and women are easier to shame according to society. Lets put an end to this and stop these words and put an end to this disenchanted materialistic shallow gender role induced culture. 

Note: I actually really love the speaker Olivia Gatwood. Her words are powerful and many of her poetry slams hit all too close to home.


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