Why I think it’s better to wait for your mate

I’ve learned that waiting until you’re older to have a relationship is not only wise but necessary. You don’t know what you want in your teens or early twenties. You’re exploring; you’re having fun. I feel that by the time most of us reach our late twenties/early thirties we have a better idea of who and what we want in a partner. For example, we already have a good idea if our goals will align, if they will be a good caretaker, a good husband, a good provider, ect. while at the same time learning and growing and advancing in your career.

Take to heart you can do whatever you want in your life. But getting a better idea of what you would want out of life is the safest and most joyful route. Many have said that being a mom in their thirties was their greatest joy vs twenties or teens. Meeting their soulmate in their thirties or late twenties was a great joy and sense of belonging/ purpose. Ultimately God has a plan for each and every one of us.

Currently in my 28th year; at 27 I’ve experienced lots of changes and growth when it came to jobs, friendships, opportunities , ect. However, being stable is my focus right now. Gaining the right partner is my focus right now. I’m done with having fun. I want a loving relationship with a stable partner. One who will get far in life and I as well. We can get far together and explore together. That’s my dream is all. Wishing great love to you all!


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